I hate writing these things. Yes, yes, I know it’s supposed to be about self-promotion and selling-yourself-to-a-client but I always feel a little dirty and question if it was a good idea afterwards. Kind of like having a drunken hookup.

How did I get started doing this?

Well, I’ve always written. I can remember back in 4th or 5th grade, my friend and I always wrote a story called “Sands of Fire, Winds of War”, the title taken from video games. It wasn’t much more than adventure stories about a samurai and a Navy SEAL.

So, it’s something I’ve always done. It came naturally to me. Whenever I had a paper to write for school, I wouldn’t do anything until the night before – or even the morning – it was due. I’d sit down, under high pressure, knew that I had to get this done, and crank out something that was awesome.

What do I get paid to write now?

A lot of commercial copy, articles, content and blogs for all sorts of subjects. Many times ghostwritten. As a freelance writer, you get all sorts of work.

What’s my best accomplishment?

Well, I’d have to say either having my articles reach 212 countries at last count. That or having one of the articles I wrote on prescription drug abuse bought by a nurse practitioner and published under her name.

There’s more but I’m running out of space.

The message here is: You should hire me!


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